Poznan Financial Centre

The Most Intelligent Building
the 1st prize in the competition “Intelligent Building” in the category “the Most Intelligent Building of the Year”.

Building of the Year 2000
A prestigious 2nd level prize in the competition “Construction of the Year 2000” organised by the Polish Association of Construction Technicians and Engineers, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the Office of Housing Policy and City Development, and the Mai Office of Construction Supervision.

Jan Baptist Quadro
the 1st prize in the architectural competition of Jan Baptist Quadro organised by the City of Poznań and the Association of Polish Architects.

Dobre bo polskie
the mark “Dobre bo polskie” (Good and Polish) for the team of architects for perfectly executed architectural design.

The Best Office Address in Poznan 2004
the 1st prize in the category ‘The Best Office Building’ award granted by ‘Home & Market’ magazine